Student contest on Drying

 Side event organized by POLITO


EFCE Student contest  on Drying

“Drying: ideas and challenges for a sustainable world”

This international competition is organised for the first time by Politecnico di Torino jointly with the Working Party on Drying of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering, as a side-event of the Conference.

It addresses to advanced undergraduates (Master programs), Master and Ph.D. students and aims to stimulate innovative ideas for applications in the area of drying for sustainable food, energy and environmental processes: “Drying: ideas and challenges for a sustainable world”.

A 1.000,00 Euro prize will be awarded to the best original project about drying processes in one of the following sectors:

- environmental sustainability, which includes better processes for food and drug production;

- innovative energy technologies;

- Eco sustainable processes for mankind and the environment. 

Awards will be delivered also to second and third classified.

Students are invited to submit their proposal (maximum three pages) with a technical description of the idea, significance of the application, details of the drying methodology and final goals.

Participating teams will include a maximum of four members (bust partecipation as single is possible, especially for PhD students) and must identify a faculty member at their University who will act as mentor and point of contact with respect to the organizing committee.

Applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

- they must be enrolled in a Master’s degree programme at an Italian University or they must be enrolled in an equivalent programme at an European University;

- they must be enrolled in a Ph.D. programme at an European universities (application date must be before final defense).

The best ideas will be presented in a special event preceding the conference on July 10, 2019, and the winners will have the opportunity to give an oral presentation as guests  in a special session of the conference, where the award ceremony will take place.

The participants will have to autonomously secure funding for travel and living expenses to attend the demo session. Students participating in the live demonstration session will receive a free one-day pass for the afternoon conference session, with plenary and keynote lectures, while for those interested in attending the whole conference, student registration rate applies. 

Deadline for proposal submission: Extended to June 15th, 2019


The four teams selected for the finals.



During the presentation                                                    during the demonstration step




The second classified team                                                       and the winners!


Details for submission are summarized below.

Two steps are required, with registration both on the web site of Politecnico di Torino (POLITO) and of European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE).


Step 1Application on the Apply@polito platform of Politecnico di Torino:

All team members must register individually. Please read carefully the detailed call on the Politecnico web site (in Italian and English), with instructions to access for either Politecnico students or other students, and details of the documents to be uploaded.


Please select: Concorsi di idee/Premio per concorso di idee nell’ambito del Drying Student’s Contest 2019, promosso da DISAT 

Please upload:

- the original proposal (max 3 pages; must include the project title and, if submitted by a  team the names of the team leader and group members)

- declaration of adoption of a Creative Commons License

- (for student enrolled in a non-Italian University ONLY) declaration that certifies that the applicants are enrolled in an equivalent degree programme at a European/non-Italian university or in a Ph.D. programme at a European/non-Italian university.


Step 2 – Submission form for EFCE:

Please insert on line:

- information on team leader (or name of single participant)

- information on the Academic mentor


Submission upload the submission package, as one single .zip file including:

-   Technical project proposal (max three pages: the same document uploaded on the  POLITO site,  including the project title, the name of the candidate or the team leader  and and group members)

-       Names, short CVs and affiliation of the team members (one page in total)

-       Signed letter of commitment to attend the live demo session at the selected venue

-       Letter of endorsement for the project signed by one Faculty member acting as mentor

Proposals selection criteria

The evaluation committee will evaluate the proposals based on the following criteria:

-       Scientific excellence

-       Novelty

-       Potential impact

Teams will be notified about the evaluation outcome and admission to the presentation session shortly after the proposal submission deadline.

The admitted teams will have the possibility to illustrate their proposal using posters and/or videos (eventually small scale prototypes) in a location open to the public. The jury will review presentations and demos and will provide evaluation based on:

-       Adherence to the proposal submitted

-       Technical excellence

-       Quality of presentation and demo.