Antonello Barresi
Politecnico di Torino  

Organizing Committee

Davide Fissore, POLITO
Sabrina Grassini, POLITO
Franco Pattarino, UPO
Roberto Pisano, POLITO 

Scientific Committee

Based on Members of the EFCE Working Party on Drying, integrated with leading scientists in the field

M. Adami (Italy)

J. Andrieu (France)

D. Argyropoulos (Germany)

A. Barresi (Italy)

A. Bayly (UK)

C. Bonazzi (France)

F. Courtois (France)

J. Carcel  (Spain)

I. Farkas (Hungary)

D. Fissore (Italy)

W. Friess (Germany)

A.-G. Ghiaus (Romania)

S. Grassini (Italy)

I. Kemp (UK)

A. Kharaghani (Germany)

A. Léonard (Belgium) 

A. Martynenko (Canada)

K. Nakagawa (Japan)

A. Mulet (Spain)

G. Musielak (Poland)

I. Oddone (Italy)

Z. Pakowski (Poland)

F. Pattarino (Italy)

P. Perré (France)

R. Pisano (Italy)

C. Rossello (Spain)

M. Schutyser (The Netherlands)

E. Tsotsas (Germany)

I. Zbicinski (Poland)